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Aftercare Suggestions.



*  Following Henna being applied, do not touch the design until fully dry.  Design will stain into a smudge on the skin or stain any clothing it is touching.


*  Wait for the paste to dry naturally.  The design will get darker the longer it is kept on the skin, apply lemon and sugar water mixed to keep the paste on longer.


*  Follow a wrap method for best results.  Click Here.....


*  Once the paste has flaked off, apply Vicks Vapour rub, or vaseline to the design.  Vicks is best as it warms the skin and darkens the stain.


*  Try to keep the design dry for up to 24 hours.  Once the paste has dried and flaked off apply vaseline before washing to protect the design.  Pat dry with a towel to prevent exfoliation of the skin as this will remove the design quicker.


*  Stains will start out Orange but develop to a darker brown, getting to its darkest shade up to 48 Hours after application.

Glitter Tattoo's


*  Tattoo's are immediately dry following application.


*  Glitter tattoo's can last up to 2 weeks.


*  Pat dry with towel after getting wet to prevent exfoliating the glitter away.


* To remove glitter tattoo's, use baby lotion and wipes to gently rub the design away from the skin.

Henna Wrapping